Thursday, October 09, 2008

I had a surprize and a revelation a while ago. It mostly happened one evening about a month ago when I went to a local pub with the ex-partner-in-crime, but I'd noticed something wasn't quite right rather longer ago.
We'd been sitting in the smoking area* reading. I was going through a comic** and had found a crossword to do, but sadly the light was fading fast, and the manager had yet to switch the lights on which meant that after a while I threw the comic down saying 'It's no good, I can't read it; they've made the print really small again!'
I carried on saying to the ex that I was really annoyed that it was now the fashion amongst some editors to use extremely small print and use very difficult to read ink colour contrasts, such as green on red, FFS!.
A chap we knew at the next table said 'I know what you mean, here - try these on' and passed me a pair of glasses.
Hah! I thought to myself, they won't help; I'm still young and vibrant with perfect 20/20 vision! But to humour him I tried them on anyway.
And to my delight horror, I found I could read the crossword clues perfectly!
Sadly the chap wouldn't let me keep his specs so a short while later found the epic and I trundling up to an opticians for eye tests.
I was still trying to believe that I didn't really need any at my age, it was only when the light wasn't so good or I was tired that I couldn't make out small print after all, and of course I was too young to need them, wasn't I?
After an hour and various tests later I was informed that I did need some after all, but as I thought, only for when the light's bad or I'm tired, and possibly for driving at nighttime too, and so I recently got my very first pair of spectacles, woohoo!
One good thing about being unable to work is that I got them for free, but although I carry them in my bag at all times I keep forgetting about them and still stare hyperopically at tiny writing on things in supermarkets until the epic shouts 'Oi, get'cha specs out, we haven't got all day!'
I do wish I could have made it to the big 'Four 'Oh' before having to get them though, as I still can't be old enough to need glasses.
Surely I can't... can I?
Today, I mostly looked like a right numpty. Photo showing how NHS frames have changed in recent years.

*It's a tent with TV, heating, and fresh air, and far nicer than being in the pub. Even non-smokers prefer it!
**Some women's magazine.