Friday, October 03, 2008

And once again the week winds to an end, and to help ease you into the weekend spirit, I've gone and trawled the intermanet for some entertaining bits and bobs for you.
First off, it's The Penguin Song which is a guaranteed ear worm, followed by the wonderful Bill Bailey doing Kraftwerk.
Next up is another selection of games for you to try, starting with The Bunny Wars (multiplayer), Bunny Hopper, the Honey Bunny game, and my all time favourite 'bunny game', Honda Grrr...
Now it's time for some clips and so with Pulp Muppets, OK Go- Here it goes again, and one of my fave songs from the lovely Victoria Wood, Let's Do It!.
And finally before you all away, here's another Spot The Odd One Out competition for you to get your grey matter working.
The Subjects are -

Misty------------------------------Gordon Ramsey

Daniel Craig-----------------------Kylie Minogue

No prizes, but plenty of applause for you should you get the answer right. Don't forget, I want the odd one out, and the reason why they are!

And that's about it for today. Hope you all have a lovely, peaceful weekend, and maybe this time, try something I wouldn't do.

Byebyes for now,