Monday, September 15, 2008

Yay, Monday again and first and foremost the question that's been on your mind all weekend*, being 'Which One was the Odd One Out?'
If you haven't seen Friday's post, the options were -

The Krays
Ian Brady
Charles Manson

And the answer is...


Ian Brady, and the reason being is that he's the only one who is not a Scorpio.
Easy when you know the answer, isn't it?
But alas nobody got the answer so no kudos or applause for anyone, sorry.
To cheer you all up though, here are your options for tomorrow's Choose-O!


Choose wisely my cherubs, for what I write tomorrow may well change the entire course of history!**
Also to brighten your day, after reading through the list of 'Things That You Would Like To See Here On This Blog', I have for your delectation and delight,

Live Nude Cats! <- Clicky.

See you in the comments box my lovelies, and while you're down there, why don't you tell me all about your weekends and how you're doing?
Happy Monday, everybody!

*If you read Friday's post that is. If not, that last bit won't have made and sense and you might have had another question on your mind.
**Very unlikely, but it might.