Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Buon giorno, le mie piccole pasticcerie dolci, and welcome to yet another fabulous Double Entendre Day!
This week's photo takes me on a trip down memory lane, all the way back to my childhood. I wonder how many of you ever had the joy of getting your hands covered in a cold, clammy, gloopy substance which clung to walls before oozing it's way slowly down to the carpet where it stuck, despite desperate attempts to get it back in its jar?
If so, you probably remember the joy of Slime!
Oh yes, that amazingly disgusting must-have 'toy' of the late seventies, and if you do recall it, boy are you getting old...
Anyway, ignore the 'toy' and get your thinking caps on for the rather unnerving picture from the advert for it featured below -

Get 'stuck in', there's a portion of mushy peas going for every entry, and a half dozen oysters available should I get me another delicious 69.

Over to you.