Monday, July 14, 2008

Afternoon all, and sorry for my tardiness but I do have an excuse.
First of all I'm not feeling too wonderful. After nearly a week of not getting at least one decent night's spleep, I finally got to the land of Nod at about 1am last night, and didn't get back until almost 12 hours later. Then I got out of bed to find that my legs didn't want to work without hurting and getting downstairs was a right pain, let alone getting to the shops to get some food, which I did get, and painkillers which I forgot.
So again, I do apologize for a carp post, but my arms have joined forces with my legs and typing feels like I have a couple of weights tied to my wrists.
But before I go back to being horizontal, I shall give you the options for tomorrow's Choose-O which are -

Terror Incognita.
And erm... that's it.

Please feel free to talk about yourselves, or even better, add a few more song titles to Friday's Hamster game. Yeah, that's a good idea. I might even think up some more myself to try getting my brain in gear.
Tootles for now my little choccy eclairs, hopefully I'll be up and running again tomorrow.