Monday, May 26, 2008

Outside the weather is rainy, dismal, windy and grey which can only mean one thing.
It's yet another Bank Holiday Monday over here.

Woo, and indeed hoo...
So far today I have done as little as possible, which seeing as I'm back in the 'not being able to get a full nights spleep routine' again, is Good.
I have however thought of a couple of things that I want to pick your brains about, and the first has to do with the not spleeping thingy.
Recently I've been dreaming that I'm trying to open something such as a bag, or pot of jam, and have woken up with my hands flailing about as it I really am trying to do things. This has been happening a lot, up to about 10 times an hour, and it's not only getting boring, but very, very tiring.
The ex-partner-in-crime came over this morning and as I was still in bed he made me a coffee. He came back up and watched me for about 5 minutes, fast aspleep and doing what looked like working an abacus, so I know it's not just my imagination.
What I want to know is why the hell am I doing this? Does anybody else do it, or is it just me being weird, or rather weirder than usual?

The next puzzle is something entirely different.
Yesterday I ventured into my back garden and found these -
Has anybody lost their trousers recently?
Now, they're not mine, and they don't belong to the ex-partner-in-crime either.
So my second question is, what the f£*% are they doing in my garden? Does anybody know of a friend or family member that has come home drunk and sans half their clothing, or are you now walking around in a daze in the west London area wondering why people are laughing at you?
If they are yours, I've left them out there. Please don't knock at the door and say thank you, just take them and go away. Cheers.

So that's about it for now on this miserable Bonk Holiday Monday. I hope you're all doing something far more exciting that staying in and watching The Sound of Music, but whatever you're doing I hope you're enjoying it; after all, it's still a day off.

Tomorrow's entertainment has already been chosen by a friend of mine, so no Choose-O today, but I can assure you it's a good'un.