Thursday, April 17, 2008

I've just got back from an impromptu journey to the City as I had to drop some important papers off for someone as a favour.
I wasn't really in the mood for a journey to the centre of London, (I very rarely am) but as it needed doing and I was the only person that had the time, I couldn't really refuse.
So I grabbed my camera and the papers and set off on the Piccadilly line with the aim of getting the whole thing over with asap.
Armed with a book and drink I settled in a corner of the carriage. There were only about a dozen or so other passengers in the carriage with me, two of whom were sat almost opposite me, and were smartly dressed 'City Gents', both of which looked the sort of stuffy chaps that only a strict private education and years of a dreary job can make.
Anyway, there's a part of the Piccadilly line between Acton Town and Hammersmith, that on occasion can get rather bumpy. So bumpy in fact that I've nearly been thrown out of my seat before.
I was ready for it and as soon as I felt the train speed up and hit the first bump, I grabbed the pole next to me and braced myself as much as I could for the mini-roller-coaster that is that part of the journey.
The city gents did not brace themselves, and a few seconds later a really big jolt almost threw them out of their seats.
The train went even faster and grew more like a Bucking Bronco ride and everybody in the carriage was being bumped up and down and left to right.
Eventually the train slowed as it approached Hammersmith and the passengers stopped bouncing like corks in whirlpool.
I nearly burst out laughing when the older looking of the two chaps turned to his companion and said
"That's about the most fun I've had since I went on a bouncy castle at my child's birthday party. Fancy going back and riding the train again with me?"
"But we'd be late for the meeting" came the rejoinder.
There was a pause before the second chap said
"Stuff the meeting, you're right. Let's go back and do it again!"
I think it marvellous that the young at heart are so easily entertained.