Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Good day my cherubs! And I hope this Double Entendre Day finds you in a state of Celebration* for this fine day is also the time we remember some bastard that killed a poor, defenceless, ickle dragon, which IMHO is a horrible thing to do.
Or is it that St. George is the patron saint of England and today's the day that he got killed?
I dunno, I get confused easily.
But I do know that it's not the day that you drink green beer and wear Guinness hats. Not unless you want to, that is.
Anyway, today's photo for the Caption Competition shows someone getting into the celebratory mood, so get your thinking caps on and give my box a thorough stuffing.
Bangers and mash going for every entry, and a pint of St. George beer available should I ever get me that 69.

Happy St. George's Day, everybody!

*Any excuse really.