Monday, March 31, 2008

monday brings news with joy for someone.
winner of haiku competition,
is Nigle!

Yep, although there were other entries in the competition that were veh good and funny, I've decided the prize must go to Nigle for this excellent Haiku which combined the Spot the Difference Competition as well, being -

The Flowerpot Men
Talk nonsense I understand.
Others just talk nonsense.

So, plz to give Nigle the clap a big round of applause, and if Nigle would care to contact me, I shall arrange the delivery of his prize!

And while you're all here, please be so kind as to get your votes in for today's Choose-O, your options are:


And if you're feeling in a chatty mood, you can tell me all about your weekends while you're down there!

Happy Monday Everybody!