Monday, March 03, 2008

Helloo, my lovelies! And welcome to another fun-filled* week in the blogospere!
Poysanally, I'm going to be taking mucho clickage during the next few days and on Friday, if everything goes according to plan, I've got me a model to snap, so I'll have something other than self-portraits to show over on my Flickr.
Not that I don't like taking self-portraits, it's just that there are only so many pix one can take without resorting to wearing underwear as headgear, and showing off one's latest toys.
Anyhoo, I'm starting to waffle now, but before I go, here are the choices for tomorrow's entertainment, being -


And while you're down there, how where your weekends?

*Definition of 'fun-filled' may only suit author's mind. Author is not mad, and has a piece of mackerel to prove it. So there.