Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ye Gods be praised, I'm finally back online again, yeehah!
The problems started on Sunday when any attempt at getting hooked up to the intermanet was ignored by my 'puter. Transpired that that was down to an unpaid bill, which I didn't know about as it was delivered to the flats up the road rather than my house. Mind you, thanks to the semi-literate postmen round these parts, I now have three new credit cards which were meant to be delivered to the flats up the road, so the situation ain't all bad.
Anyhoo, after that fiasco, I had problems with my electricity such as every time I switched on a light upstairs, everything along the same circuit blew itself out leaving me with no light, heat and worst of all no 'puter.
But now, after a lot of talking to the ISP persons, the aid of the ex-partner-in-crime's credit card (thanks again sweetie!) and mucho fiddling with wires and fuses, I am now able to stay online for more than 5 minutes at a time, rah!
So, I will now take the opportunity to say 'Thank you!' to Scaryduck for holding the fort and letting y'all know what was occurring, and also bring you a little mid-week entertainment.
Firstly I thought up a fun way of getting cheap laughs at other people's expense, being that if you stand in a crowded area such as a shopping centre or high street, shout out as loudly as you can "Oi, slag!", or "Hey, wanker!", see who turns round to look, and then if you're brave enough and the person looks like they're not likely to beat seven shades of snot out of you, then say "Oh, so you are a slag/wanker then, eh?"
This 'game' is best played while inebriated, and in the company of good friends who will protect you, btw.
Next (and I think I might have mentioned this before) there is the game of 'Pegging'.
This game requires a large pack of clothes pegs which can easily be purchased from any local 'Pahnd shtore', and the object is to 'peg' as many people's clothes without being noticed.
A point goes for every 'peg', with bonus points for pegging coppers, traffic wardens and the same person more than the once.
Hours of fun.*
And last of all for now, as I just can't resist, here's yet another photo for a Caption Competition being -

You know where to stick the comments, so get in there.
There's a Bonio going for every entry, and a Scooby Snack available should I get that ever more elusive 69.
And one last thing - it is so good being back online. I've missed you all, lots!
Did anybody miss me?

*Well, tis for me, anyway.