Monday, February 12, 2007

Good morning blogworld!
I hope today finds you all happy and relaxed after the weekend.
Me? I'm a little bit fuzzy round the edges at the moment, as I went out last night, and stayed out rather later than planned.
The reason was that my local has now closed for refurbishment, and I pootled down to say my goodbyes to friends that I won't be seeing either for a while, or possibly again.
Pudsey is sad, as her 'amour', Leo, has gone, and it's too long a walkie to his new home.
I'm sad too, as I don't really like change, especially if there's a chance my local is going to be turned into a trendy 'gastro pub' or similar.
Mind you, I can't see that being popular with the locals if that happens; fights have broken out in the place just because some one's looked at another person the wrong way, and the chances of a melee starting over a misunderstanding of the words 'flambé', and 'jus' could be pretty high.
And I just bet the prices are going to rocket too, but on the plus side, there might be a wider variety of wine available, rather than the previous paint stripper, cat's piss, or Liebfraumilch*.
Another bonus though, is that the Toilets from Hell are likely to be done up and fixed; bad news for the resident drug dealers who won't have their old hidey holes for stash anymore, but excellent news for being able to go for a wee without fear of the cistern falling on you, or getting trapped in a cubicle whilst the loo floods it's contents over your feet**.
The last time the place was done up was twenty two years ago, and I can still remember the faces of the poor lost locals as they wandered around Hanwell, trying to find another pub to drink in. There are plenty of choices around, but it's never the same as your local that you know and love, even though it's a shi*hole, with the main cabaret on a Saturday night being the riot squad turning up at closing time.
I guess we'll all have to go start fights play in another area for a while.

Anyway, before I witter on any more, here are your choices for tomorrow's entertainment.

Fight Pub
Emergency Stop

Get. In. There.
*Liebfraumilch = worse than cat's piss.
**Really has happened, but luckily not to me.