Monday, February 05, 2007

Good morning Blogosphere!

And this Monday finds me with an amusing anecdote to regale you all with.
Saturday evening found me at my local pub with a friend. We were sitting near the door and putting the world to rights, when another friend's dog came over to say hello. Said dog is a young, bouncy, staffie cross, and has been named Bitch Face, or just Bitch for short.
Bitch decided she was going to sit with us for a while, and after noticing her absence, her human came over to see where she was. I said she was fine to sit with us, and he said 'Okay, just make sure she doesn't run out of the door if anybody opens it'.
A little while later, the pub dog, Leo, came over to say hello to Bitch, and they started a game of Kill-the-Chew-Toy together.
I kept an eye on them, and when the door opened, Bitch ran towards it, so I called out
"Hey, Bitch! Get over here, now!"

The woman entering the pub turned and fled, never to be seen again.

Anyway, back to the usual Monday stuff being your chance to choose tomorrow's tale. Your choices are:

Emergency stop.
Fight pub.
When I met Paul Darrow.

And how were your weekends?