Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wilkomen, Bien Venue, and Welcome, to the first Double Entendre Day of 2007!, Yay, Rah, and indeed, w00t!

This day also finds me a tad nervous, as tonight will find me going out on what might be a 'date'.
I could be wrong though. I got asked if I'd like to go for 'drinks and nibbles', and the evening will probably end up with me being drunk, making a complete tit of myself, then throwing up on the way home after crying in the cab because of rejection and misunderstanding after regaling the anecdote about the trampoline and the halibut.
Actually, isn't that a 'date'?
Is for me normally, anyway.
A 'date' equates to feeling horribly insecure about myself for about 4 hours, before going home alone to hug my Pudsey before sharing the 'doggy bag' from the restaurant with her.
Anyhoo, I digress.
A lot.

Forget about what I just said, and get your Ya-yas around the photo for today's Caption Competition, being:

There's a raspberry ripple for every smoothie left in my box, and today, for once, I am not going to mention anything about a 69, coz I know what sort of comments you lot will leave about that, alright?

Get. In. There.