Thursday, January 18, 2007

On finally getting my new super-whizzy modem up and running

Today finds me at peace* with my modem and intermanetty needs. After an almighty slanging match with Arselforce, my wifi box arrived on Tuesday, and after hugging the delivery driver, I set about reading the instruction leaflet and plugging all the various leads and stuff into their respective sockets.
I popped the CD into the 'puter, and followed the instructions, clicking yes when prompted to do so, and all was going well until the 'puter froze, just as I was about to make the final connection.
Cursing, I tried starting over, but it wasn't having it. It kept freezing at the same point.
So, I decided to try rebooting the PC and starting from scratch.
That was when the on/off switch on the 'puter broke.
Sighing wearily, I unplugged the machine, moved it onto the floor and took a side panel off to see if I could find out where it had broken.
That didn't help, so I took the other side panel and top off to see if I could reach the bit with a screwdriver, but still no joy.
There was only one thing left to try, and that was to take the front panel off.
More easily said than done.
New 'puters have handy little catches which enable one to get the front off with ease, but my machine is of the old school and is a bastard to take apart.
After half an hour of pressing bits of metal and scraping the skin off my fingers, I called my friend Nigle to see if he had any hints of how to get it done.
Brute force, determination and a lump hammer was his reply, so I rolled up my sleeves and went in for round two.
This time it worked, and I only lost part of a nail in the process.
I checked out the switch and found it was beyond repair, so sighing again, I replaced the sides and top and went for the 'al fresco' look leaving the front off before plugging everything in again.
Once more I went through the rigmarole of trying to set up my internet connection, and once more the fu bloody thing froze.
I clicked on the nice friendly linky bit that said 'Help', and was informed that I could figure out what the problem was at their website. Brilliant advice if only I could get online to find it.
I sniffed through their leaflet and found a phone number promising that if I called, I would get all the help I needed, and possibly a hand with the housework too, but not being able to make outgoing calls thanks to the evil bastards at Bumtel, I couldn't do that either.
So it was back to plugging in the old, non-whizzy-but-at-least-able-to-get-me-online modem until the next day, when I could get hold of the ex-partner-in-crime's mobile and call the helpdesk.
After twenty minutes of listening to an automaton telling me that I could try their website to get help, I at last got through to a techie. And not just a 'techie', but joy of all joys, a helpful techie that also understood what I was talking about, hurrah!
I told him all that had happened up to the 'puter freezing when I tried to connect it, and his first advice was for me to take the CD out of the machine, then quit the installation and throw the CD in the bin.
I really liked him.
I liked him even more when he got me all set up and online within five minutes! If said chap is reading this, then once again, Thank you!
I am still doing my happy dance, but typing with blisters on my hands is painful.

*Well almost. I have yet to beat up Bumtel so's I can get to all my emails on my 'private' addy and make outgoing calls again, but other than that, yay.