Friday, December 15, 2006

T- ten days and counting.

There's no denying it any more. Christmas is almost here again. I think I'm starting to feel a teensy bit of festive joy, as I've doned my first card to share with you all -
It was a 'mare of a job getting Team Misty to pose nicely, but I think it came out alright.
My plans for today are to make the rest of my cards, and hopefully get them all sent by tomorrow. I have a guillotine, 4 packs of card*, glitter glue, gold and silver ink pens, airbrush, silver paint spray, and various stickers and ribbony bits to play around with, so as long as I don't get distracted by daytime TV, I should manage to get them all done just fine.
But while I'm getting covered in glitter and trying not to slice my fingers off, I thought you might like to do another of those 'Round Robin' stories with a seasonal theme to get you all into feeling cozy, and happy, and full of joyous bonhomie**.
For those of you that don't know how it works - I start you off with the first paragraph, then you lot take it from there in the comments box. Easy, eh? So, here we go...
'Once upon a Friday, the world of Percy the Pixie dawned cold, and frosted with myriads of crystal stars. It was indeed magical in the forest; all around the woodland animals were preparing for Solstice, and the trees hung heavy with lights and candy canes and strings of popcorn.
But there was no joy in Percy the Pixie's heart. He sighed despondently as he watched Mr and Mrs Badger coming back from market carrying baskets laden with treats and toys for the baby badgers.
He gazed through his window and wished upon wish, "Just once, for Solstice, I would like
*Which Pudsey is spleeping on.
**Or not.