Sunday, November 12, 2006

The warrior returns

Sorry all for dashing off without saying 'bye-bye' t'other day, but I was expecting to have internet access where I was staying*
Anyhoo, it looks like Scaryduck did an admirable job of looking after you all, and I hope you had fun with him. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow after I have removed part of a forest from by hair, and removed the smell of battle from my skin.
Twas a fab weekend, and I am now flopping and giving Pudsey her birthday presents** and loads of cuddles before I take her out for an hour or so to see her amour up the road.
There may be clickage uploaded over on my Flickr later if I can muster the energy to upload it all.
It's great to be back though, I missed you all!

How were your weekends then?

*A farm near York, in the middle of Llareggub, and I didn't want to come back to London, at all. Except for Pudsey and t'internet that is.
**Pork casserole, pate, cheese nibbles and two bags of Scampi fries.