Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pudsey update

First of all, Pudsey would like to say Thanks to all who left her birthday greetings the other day. She had a lovely time, and has been spoilt even more rotten than usual being treated to pate and pork casserole for dinner, and plenty of chicken treats during the day to keep her strength up.
She went for an MOT at the vets a little while back, and her condition is 'stable' for now. She was such a good dog there as well; she's got the routine down pat and gets on the scales as soon as the vet asks her too without a fuss. I asked the vet for some painkillers for her in case she has a bad day, and the only time she's had any so far was last night. We'd been out on a very long mushroom hunt together*, and around 7o'clock she couldn't settle, so I gave her a small dose. By 9o'clock, she was zonked and more relaxed than I'd seen her in ages.

I'm tempted to try the stuff myself.

She's still full of bounce and enjoying her food and walkies, and also her medicine to stop her 'leaking' is working well, which is a relief for both of us!
Shame there's nothing that can stop her snoring like an outboard motor when she's cuddled up next to me at nights, but that's life.
We're off walkies in a bit, and she's decided she would like to go see her boyfriend before dinner tonight. Who am I to disappoint a small dog, eh?

*I'm teaching her about mycology in the hope she'll find me some truffles, but so far no luck. Field mushrooms and Dead Man's Fingers a plenty though! Good Dog!