Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Once upon a time, a little girl called Misty was sent to a horrible place called 'school' where she endured suffering beyond belief in the form of 'lessons' and 'homework'.
Little Misty loved to learn things, and was always to be found with her nose in a book*, but at this place called 'school' she had to read what they told her to, and when they wanted her to read it.
This was bearable for poor little Misty, but the worst horror of all was a 'lesson' called P.E. Although she liked sports and really liked gymnastics and ballet, she hated P.E. as she was always among the last to be picked for teams, and hated playing things like hockey as it was violent and no fun to her mind.
Tennis lessons were always a sad time, as invariably little Misty would find herself either partnered up with the very last person to be picked, or having to practice on her own hitting balls at the wall of the science block.
The evil woman known as the P.E. Teacher was rather a bully to those who didn't want to play, and made them do extra stuff such as running around the netball courts on their own if they didn't have anyone to play with, or she thought they were being lazy, or trying to get out of joining in.
Poor, poor, little Misty was invariably the target of the P.E. Teacher's 'fun', and she swore that one day vengeance would be hers.
That day was to come shortly after Misty had done a ballet performance with her dance school. One of the other girls dancing there, had recently had chickenpox, and as her mother had assured everybody that her daughter was past the infectious stage, she was allowed to take part.
A week or so after the performance, Misty was once again sent to school. It was a lovely Friday at the start of Summer, and the school holidays were only a week away.
Little Misty did not feel very well. She was very hot, felt extremely tired, and the last lesson for the afternoon was double P.E.
Off Misty went to get changed into her P.E. Kit, and when she took off her uniform she noticed she had red, itchy spots all over her chest and stomach. She looked in the mirror and saw a couple more spots her face.
'Ah' she thought. 'I think I might have chickenpox caught from that girl. No wonder I've been feeling sick', and off she went to tell the evil P.E. Teacher.
The P.E. Teacher, being evil and horrible, said that Misty was making up tales to get out of tennis, and she didn't believe she was ill. She made poor little Misty go and practice hitting a stupid ball against the stupid science block after running ten times round the stupid netball court.
After that, little Misty was allowed to go home, and off she went feeling very, very ill indeed.
She got back and told her Mother what had happened, then fell onto the sofa crying.
Her mother took her straight to the doctor's, where chickenpox was confirmed, and to little Misty's delight, she was told to take a week off school! That meant she had the whole week right before the long, gorgeous Summer holidays off, and no more stupid P.E. for an extra week. Joy!
But what added to Misty's bliss, was the news that the horrible, evil P.E. Teacher was also ill. Misty had managed to give her chickenpox too, and as she hadn't had it when she was young, it developed into shingles leaving her too sick and sore to enjoy any of the holidays at all.
Grown-up Misty still chuckles to herself when she remembers.

*When not out and about causing havoc playing in the local park.