Thursday, November 16, 2006

Another tale from my travels

I'm still trying to get through the mountain of chores that are left from my adventures last week, and whilst sorting, memories keep flooding back.
From Wednesday to Friday I was staying at the home of another DAS member, who is also my unit leader which means The Boss of the gang I'm in. I went there to get the food prepped as my kitchen is small and falling to pieces and I have no spare fridge or freezer space, and he's got a really smart big one.
Anyhoo, also staying at the house are his dad, three dogs and four cats. The animals live outside, but the dogs are allowed into the front consevatory and the hallway where their beds are. To enter the house, you go in through said conservatory and wade through the mass of waggy tails, ensuring that all doors are closed behind you.
On Wednesday night after dinner, I went outside for a smoke and sat surrounded by hounds vying for my attention. I finished the snout, called the dogs and herded them back inside.
I then went to close the glass sliding conservatory door which fell off in my hand.
Somehow I managed to catch it before it hit the ground and shattered, and laid it down safely before going up to my boss and saying 'I'm really, really sorry, but I appear to have broken your door...'
Fortunately he and his dad laughed and said 'don't worry, it happens sometimes' before setting the door back onto it's runners.
I laughed (nervously) too, and replied that I'd felt a bit like Buffy not knowing my own strength, and gave it no more thought but went easy with the door from then on.
The next night, the same thing happened again.
Once more I stopped it before it shattered, but by then my nerves were beginning to frazzle and I was extremely embarrassed when once more I sidled into the kitchen saying 'oops...sorry...'
Friday morning I woke up and headed for the loo in the upstairs bathroom. In my pre-caffeine state it took me a while to notice that there was only one sheet of loo roll left*, but fortunately that was enough for the immediate problem.
I decided to have a sniff around for some more toilet paper and thought a good place to start searching was behind the large sliding doors of the bathroom cupboard.
Can you guess what happened next?

I'm not expecting any more invites to Yorkshire in the near future.

What about you lot. Ever wrecked someone's house, or is it just me that that sort of thing happens to?

*What is it with men and loo roll? There's only ever one sheet left when they've been in a bathroom...