Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Dear Readers,

This is to remind you that due to the recent Bonk Holiday Weekend, some areas may experience a late collection of their comments.

Rest assured that everything is being done to ensure that no-one is inconvenienced, but as there may be a slight delay of responses, please ensure that all comments or double entendres left, are placed in a safe area such as the comments box below, where they will not cause damage or injury to other members of the public.

Littering of comments such as leaving them on the pavement or in the gutter, will result in cessation of cookie priviledges, and a short, sharp, spank to botty land.
Many Thanks in advance for your co-operation, here is your piccy for today's Caption Competition.

So get stuck in. There's a Kit-Kat for every wonderful witter posted.*

*In the correct area of course.