Friday, June 17, 2005

Some words of wisdom.

I was reading through Catfish's blog, and found a wonderful comment there from a gentleman by the name of Redneck, being:
"Always make your words sweet, 'cause you never know when you'll have to eat 'em".
I have always tried to live by this, especially if talking to somebody I do not know that well. Words can hurt, even if used carefully.
Now if anyone read my previous blog, they will know I got seriously flamed by a person called Acidman, my 'crime'? leaving a few off topic comments in his comment box.
Now, I realize that that was obviously a most heinous crime, I shall never do that again, and will flagellate myself with wet spaghetti as an atonement, but to be called 'clueless' and a 'flaming arsehole' for making a mistake just beggars belief.
Before those comments were made about me, I had - from reading through his previous blogs - thought him to be a considerate, witty man, who although sometimes a little OTT, had been through much in his life, had learnt from that, and despite his rants, was an educated and kind person.
Now though, I find that he thinks a couple of comments about plumbing and London, means that I was seriously flirting, using his blog as 'dating agency' and that Ed and I obviously should 'get a room' and we are 'destined for a great sex-life together as were obviously so alike'
Wow, if talking about plumbing turns him on so much that he comes to that conclusion, all I can say is I'm worried.
Honey, where I come from,that is NOT flirting.
If, I consider a man worthy enough for me to flirt with them, I can think of FAR more interesting subjects than plumbing, I can assure you.

ttfn x