Sunday, June 19, 2005

Big(ish) trouble in Little Hanwell.

Last night, 'some kids' decided to set fire to a skip near my house. I'd just settled down to dinner and 'Casualty', when I heard a loud bang from outside, closely followed by a few more.
My friend went out to investigate and came dashing back in saying 'skip on fire! - flames and firemen everywhere!'
I set the video to record, put my dinner out of dog's reach, grabbed camera and went to investigate.
Fortunately, the fire was soon under control and no serious damage was done, but no-one had any idea why it had been started other than it was probably (as I said) 'some kids' messing about.
Now if by some remote chance the person(s) who started the fire are reading this, I would just like to say something.
You are selfish, stupid and obviously lacking any consideration for anyone other than yourself.
The firemen who put out this mess have far better things to do that to chase around after mindless little prats like you.
What if those men had another call out to a house fire where people's lives were at risk and someone had died as they couldn't get there in time because of your f**wittedness? Would you laugh? would it give you something to brag about to your mates?
Just think, those men that put out that skip may be saving YOUR life one day.