Monday, September 20, 2004

This is my fifth attempt to write a new blog in almost as many days. The first attempt started off describing how life has been with two extra dogs in the house, until I realized that Cynthia Heimel* has already written almost exactly what I’ve been going through with the exceptions that I don’t have an editor demanding a column, and it’s ‘Now we are four’ instead of ‘Now we are eight’.

I’ve been trying to find a home for the two dogs I was ‘looking after for a weekend’, for the last week, as their owners have moved and their new landlord won’t let them keep them. Every time I’ve taken to the park and somebody pats them I ask if they’d like to take them, but so far no luck. It’s a shame as they’re lovely dogs, but I just don’t have the time, money or space to keep them. Also, Pudsey prefers being an only dog. She’s been very good about having to put up with two boisterous guests in the house, and I’m making sure she knows she’s still top dog by only letting her on the bed and sofa, but the strain is starting to show on us both. A few people said “why don’t you just give them to a dog shelter?” but Misty’s already done time in Battersea, and I could never put any dog through that twice.

Other than that, all has been relatively quiet on the West 7 front. The only thing I’ve been doing other than trying to get a couple of ‘puters up and running, is watching webcams. (not all the time may I add, just when I’ve had nothing else to do!) I’d never bothered with them before I got broadband, but now I have, I thought why not see what all the fuss is about. So far my favourite site is Haggis Cams. Not only do you get to watch the rain in Scotland, there’s a fun game called Haggis Drop to play. It’s nowt whizzy or anything, but I like it, and am determined to get on the High Score Board. Even sadder is the fact that the start of the Haggis Season is now marked on my calendar, but hey, chance of free holiday!

When I haven’t been riveted to a grey screen, I’ve been keeping an eye on Times Square, Covent Garden, some penguins in Indianapolis, the Aurora Borealis, and the North Pole, which surely wins the award for the dullest webcam going. (Snow, stick, sun goes up… sun goes down… woohoo!)
Every morning in Times Square at around 11.30am GMT, an incredibly bored looking cleaner sweeps the streets. Most of the people I’ve seen in London look bored or harried. The people in Scotland look bored and wet. The penguins in Indianapolis look so bored I’m expecting them to start digging a tunnel any day now. It got me wondering, how many bored people are there sitting in front of their screens watching bored people wishing they were doing something else?

I’ve reached a decision, I’m now going to switch off the ‘puter and go and finish all the odd jobs I’ve been meaning to do for ages.


* Couldn’t find a decent info page to link, go Google.