Tuesday, July 13, 2004

pudsey here again!

sorry nothing’s been written for a while, but i’ve had a rotten tummy upset, and my human’s been busy with lots of other stuff.
yesterday, i went to the vets. i have no idea why so many dogs make such a fuss about this. granted, it’s very boring having to wait to be seen, and occasionally one might get a shot, but they don’t hurt that much and it’s over in seconds. the worst bit is what happens when you get your temperature taken but I wont go into details as I’m trying to forget about that bit.
anyway, the good news is that the vet doesn’t think i’ve got anything seriously wrong with me, and as long as i keep taking some tablets and getting better, i’ll be able to take my human to the park again very soon. i think she would enjoy that as for the last couple of weeks, she’s been sorting out lots of important pieces of paper, and looking very miserable indeed. she’s also given up on trying to kill the brambles in the garden, (which is most unlike her) and the weeds on the patio are starting to resemble a small maze. i do hope she’s all right. if she’s not back to her usual self soon i may have to take her to the vets and get her checked over.
i think I’ll go and see if she fancies a bonio. that might cheer her up.