Monday, June 21, 2004

Hello again.

As the brambles are starting to get extremely scary, I have turned my attention to the inside of my house. Right now it could do with some attention and TLC. I heard or read some time ago, that the interior of ones home reflects the state of ones mind. If that is true, I could be in trouble. There is clutter everywhere, no storage space, parts of it are falling apart and broken, and to be totally honest the whole place could do with spring cleaning- even though it is now officially summer!.
But (if the above theory is true) what does a pristine house with everything perfectly arranged, where visitors are too scared relax in case they spill or break something say about the occupants state of mind............... ?
People seem to have fun when they visit me, and many have commented on the nick-nacks, curios and collection of spears, swords and Viking treasure that dominate the decor downstairs. There are books, videos and CD's lying around which guests are free to read, watch or listen to, and the first thing I normally say is 'Make yourself at home'. They don't seem to mind a bit of dust or the fact my dog has once again left a trail of muddy paw-prints through the kitchen.
I've personally never felt comfortable when visiting people who glare disapprovingly if I fail to enter their home without wiping my feet 20 times on the mat first, and then scowl if I dare to unplump a perfectly placed cushion. I start to feel nervous in case I inadvertently drop a crumb on the perfectly fluffed shag-pile, which makes me tremble so much I end up spilling coffee on it instead.
So in conclusion, yes, I think my home probably does reflect my personality. People seem to like visiting me, I'm over 30, I'm slowly falling to pieces and could do with a lot of TLC, with a bit of work I scrub up well, and I've been told I have way too many toys in the attic.
I know what sort of house I'd rather visit.......