Sunday, June 20, 2004

Dear Diary,

Went to Hanwell Carnival yesterday. Had a sniff round the stalls, and then settled down by the beer tent to watch a fab band called 'The Guv'nors'follow the link on my links page for more info and gig details. They did an excellent set- as usual- and luckily the rain held off until they'd finished.
I was planning on writing more today, but my 'Groundforce team' are coming round to attack the brambles in my garden in exchange for a bowl of chilli or two. Bye bye brambles :-)



It's been 5 hours or so since i put the above post up.... and I am really, really pi**ed off.....
The 'ground force team' didn't turn up, the bastards.... I spent ages (not to mention precious money) on the chilli, and because one inconsiderate manipulative tart decides she wants to go somewhere else, the other person (male, besotted with tart) goes off too. And the bit I can't forgive is they didn't even bother to call me and let me know before I bought all the food and cooked it.
F**k 'em, hope they get attacked by giant f**king brambles next time they pass my house..........

ps, Anybody want any chilli?